AAA Home Insurance Reviews

AAA Home Insurance Reviews
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Read through these AAA home insurance reviews to decide if they are the best choice for you. When you are looking for homeowners insurance, you probably don’t think of AAA right away. Many people think that AAA is only for road side assistance and travel discounts, however it also offers a wide variety of other products.

One of their fastest growing product areas is homeowners insurance. Getting a policy through AAA homeowners insurance will not only give you quality coverage for your home, but also many other discounts and benefits.

Read through this AAA Homeowners Insurance review, check out the customer reviews of AAA Insurance, and then when you are finished browsing through all of the home insurance reviews be sure to get your free home insurance quotes by entering your zip code into the box on the side of the page.

AAA History

About 100 years ago this company started as a travel assistance group. Eventually, they added road side and driving assistance, and soon after began partnering with major companies to offer exclusive discounts to its members. AAA has now expanded to include banking options, loan, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance. This has resulted in more than 50 million members worldwide.

AAA Policy Options

There are many different options available to homeowners through AAA Insurance. All of the different AAA home insurance options available come with great customer service, access to a toll free number, internet assistance, and exclusive discounts to AAA members.

The first option is insurance for your home. A basic homeowners policy is required by all mortgage or finance companies. This policy covers the dwelling, your personal property, the contents of your home, and the loss of use of your home. If you choose to get another insurance policy such as auto through AAA your overall insurance will be discounted. Since laws vary from state to state and each home is different, AAA will customize your policy to meet your needs.

The second option is condo insurance. As a condo owner, you are still a home owner but the insurance is slightly different. Condo owners typically are part of a home association. You pay a fee to this association and in turn they cover maintenance, parking, lawn care, and insurance for the dwelling itself. As long as you are current on your association fees, the structure of your condo will be covered.

What some condo owners don’t realize is that insurance through an association does not cover your personal property on the premises or in your condo. AAA’s condo insurance covers losses to your personal property. It also offers liability protection if someone is injured inside of your condo and gives you assistance if legal action is taken against you. It is important as a condo owner to consider adding this type of coverage.

The next option available is renter insurance. As with condo ownership, your personal property is not covered if you rent a home or apartment. Your landlord will have a policy for the dwelling itself but nothing more. As a renter, you want to protect what you have inside your home and protect yourself against liability if someone is injured inside a home that your rent. AAA’s renter policy provides these two things.

The next coverage option is flood insurance. The basic homeowners, condo, and renter’s policies do not cover damage or loss to your home through flooding. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to live near water to have flood damage occur in your home. It can be due to weather or a water problem within your home. It could also occur because of your neighbor’s home or an overflowing bathtub.

AAA’s flood policy covers loss to your home due to flooding. It is important to keep in mind that just a small amount of water damage can ruin a home and render it unlivable. This flood insurance policy is backed by the United States government so you can be assured that you are covered even if a large number of home in your area are damaged.

Another important coverage option to consider is Umbrella Coverage. This is also sometimes referred to as Personal Liability Coverage. Umbrella coverage is meant to protect you in the event of legal action. If someone sues you because they were hurt or injured on your property, a settlement can mean lose of your home, savings, and other assets. Umbrella coverage protects your assets.

The last option available to AAA members is not an insurance option but a product line meant to help you protect your home. The products in this line offered at discounts to members are carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, escape ladders, and smoke alarms. Having these items in your home will also give you a discounted rate on your homeowners policy.

Get AAA Home Insurance Quotes

AAA Homeowners Insurance has a lot of great options. To make sure you are getting your best deal and that this company is right for you, you should shop around. One way to do this is to use an online quote comparison tool. The quote tool on this page will show you rates and quotes from different companies. After using this tool, you can decide if AAA or another provider of insurance will work for you. After your have finished reading through all of the home insurance reviews then get started comparing your AAA homeowners insurance quotes with quotes from top other companies!

2 Customer Reviews of AAA Home Insurance

Review by Larry Davis, September 27, 2012

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Took out AAA homeowners and auto insurance in early 2012 and now I have had the unforseeable situation to have filed a claim against the homeowner portion for having discovered a plumbing drip inside the walls of home which was not visible until found mold area under sink area of kitchen-filed this claim on 8/22/12 and ended up with two claim numbers, which I had to correct since company didn’t catch this. Have had independent adjuster come by and also a preferred contractor of AAA, both of which were prompt and professional. On 9/7 a company adjuster called and said had been assigned to him. Since had not heard any further by 9/17 I called to speak with him and only got voicemail so left message to contact me. By 9/19 had no response to voicemail left so left another voicemail to please contact me. 9/20 still no response from voicemails left with adjuster so left voicemail with his supervisor and as of 9/24 no response from either individual. 9/25 adjuster called at 7:45 am our time and advised claim denied since mold was not within walls of residence-but how about the original plumbing drip (accidental discharge) and this had no effect on him. Poor response to requests for call back and poor service about keeping customer advised of things

Review by Alexandra Sebik, January 4, 2013

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A homeowner is in for a shock if they file a claim. My experience with a covered claim, is no action, delay and do nothing for months. Repeated letters (forget about phone calls or emails) bring no response. AAA insurance policy is to wait and see, hopefully for AAA, the homeowner will just lose their homes. It truly is the worst service possible, and this from a senior claims office. I have been told that the claim is covered. The plumber and ServePro has been told the claim is covered and want to proceed with repairs. But nothing is forthcoming from AAA insurance, even 6 months later. My claims representative has been consistently changing covered or uncovered, looking for loopholes is their forte. You are in for a very rude awakening if you think you have home insurance with AAA.

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