Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews
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Should your purchase Allstate home insurance? If you own a home, your home is probably one of your most important assets. Protecting this asset with homeowners insurance is vital to maintaining the standard of living you have achieved. Allstate homeowners insurance provides a variety of options to homeowners, condo owners, and renters alike.

Allstate is the biggest publicly held personal insurer in the nation. The company’s assets exceed $130 billion. Allstate was founded over 70 years ago and became a public company in 1993. With over 70,000 employees, Allstate is one of the few Fortune 100 companies that employ more women than men. These employees help meet the insurance needs of more than 17 million people.

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Allstate Agents

Allstate continues, as it always has, to provide insurance exclusively through private agents. Though they have a tool free number as well as a website with information and quote assistance, they still connect interested individuals with a qualified agent in their area. Agents must go through a training program as well as several training seminars yearly to maintain their license with Allstate. This ensures that customers are getting the very latest in the insurance industry.

Allstate Financial Strength Ratings

Allstate is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states as well as many provinces in Canada. Several independent rating companies have evaluated Allstate’s financial strength. A.M. Best Rating Company gives Allstate an A+ Superior rating. Standard and Poor’s gives the company an AA- Very Strong rating and Moody’s Investors Services gives Allstate an Aa3 Excellent rating.

With a strong reputation, history, and financial stability record, Allstate is a good choice for homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance is not a one size fits all business. Since each home is different and each homeowner has different ideas of what is important in their home, Allstate will customize a plan that works specifically for you.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Policy Basics

Though the policy itself will vary, there are elements of the policy that will be the same. One of those elements is insuring the home’s structure. This is where the deductible comes in. An Allstate agent will help you decide what you need to insure you home for should you have to rebuild. This amount is typically more than you paid for your home and more than you owe.

Another element of a homeowners policy will be personal property coverage. This covers what is inside your home. Should the contents of your home be lost from an eligible cause, having personal property coverage will replace the items lost in your home. It also can cover repair costs if personal items are damaged but not destroyed.

The other elements of homeowners insurance are typically optional if you are looking for extra protection. Liability insurance is an option coverage that helps you defend yourself should someone get hurt in your home or on your property and file a lawsuit against you. Another type of coverage is Guest Medical insurance covers guests at your home if they are injured during a covered event such as a fire.

Allstate Flood Insurance

The last type of optional coverage is Flood Insurance. Although this is optional, it is highly recommended if you live in an area prone to flooding or weather that produces floods. Water is just as destructive to a home as fire and just a small amount of water can damage a home beyond repair. Having flood insurance is different than water damage that is covered under a general policy. It is important to ask your agent about the difference.

Allstate Condo Insurance

Allstate also provides Condominium Owners Insurance. Though you will most likely be covered under a condo association policy, this will only cover the structural damage. You will be responsible for damage done to the inside of your condo. A Condo policy from Allstate will cover personal property, family liability, guest medical, and additional living expenses while your condo is repaired.

Allstate Renter’s Insurance

The last type of property insurance Allstate provides is Renter’s Insurance. When you rent a home or apartment, the owner is required to have some type of owners insurance. This is typically a basic policy that covers only the structure. It will not cover your personal property or personal liability should someone get hurt at your rental property.

You may even experience something beyond your control like a fire in the apartment above you that damages your apartment. You will be responsible for replacing anything that is damaged. For a low monthly price, you can protect the personal property that you have. An Allstate renter’s insurance policy covers the same elements has a condo insurance policy.

Compare Allstate Home Insurance Quotes

Maybe Allstate is right for you or maybe you would like to compare quotes from other companies. You can do that by using the tool on this page. This rate quote tool will allow you to compare what other companies have to offer with your Allstate home insurance quotes. Using this tool will give you a fair idea of what to expect financially with a homeowners insurance policy. Take action now, and have solid coverage by day’s end. Get started comparing home insurance quotes now!