State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews
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This State Farm home insurance review will look at the State Farm Insurance Company and their homeowners policies, but there are a ton of insurers out there. You probably have many questions that need answering, and the answers to those specific questions will be different for every individual.

While price is usually the foremost consideration, customer service is just as important; after all, if you need your policy to pay out due to some problem you want to be able to rely on your company to handle your needs expeditiously, professionally, with care and concern. That is why State Farm Homeowners Insurance is a popular choice.

When you have finished reading through this State Farm homeowners insurance review then take a look at the customers reviews of State Farm home insurance at the bottom of this page and then enter your zip into the box on the side of this page to compare free home insurance quotes from competing home insurers. While comparing home insurance reviews is important it is just the first step to saving money as you actually need to see some concrete rate quotes to actualize your savings!

History of State Farm

State Farm was founded by George Jacob (J.C.) Mecherle in 1922 on the principles of “fairness and doing right” by the customer. State Farm began as an auto insurance company and it quickly became the biggest insurer in America. In 1955 it added a homeowners insurance division with the same commitment to excellence. Less than 10 years later, State Farm was also the biggest insurer of homes in the United States.

State Farm Home Insurance Coverage

State Farm is known for offering broad policies that cover all of life’s unexpected problems, as well as affordable rates and outstanding service. For example, if your home becomes uninhabitable due to fire, State Farm will cover your costs of living somewhere else until you can move back into your home. Furthermore, your policy can cover you for replacement value, not depreciated value, so you get your home back in its original condition. And just as importantly, your policy covers your personal possession, not just your dwelling!

In the event of a lawsuit against you, your homeowners policy can help protect you from liability, whether the incident occurred with your residence or elsewhere. That kind of protection is priceless, and should be considered when writing a policy. You simply can’t predict when something unexpected will happen: after all, if you could then you wouldn’t need insurance!

Buying State Farm Insurance Online

State Farm’s website is full of great tools to help you get the most out of your money, and also to help you design a policy that most fully meets your individual needs. The Service Center allows you to manage your policies, find an agent, get a rate quote, make a payment, etc. Under “Informed Choices” there are calculators to help you estimate the worth of your property, the value of your personal possessions, and various homeowners insurance discounts. These links are easy to navigate, very informative, and extremely convenient.

There is a “Related links” section that is full of information that offers education on subjects like “Building a Safer House”, Identity Restoration Coverage, Umbrella Policies, and much more. All are designed for convenience to the customer for those times when you don’t need to speak directly to an agent, but have a quick question that you want answered immediately.

If You Need Your State Farm Insurance Agent:
“Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There”

Imagine that you have experienced a disaster- whether a fire, flood, or an accident. You need an agent that will respond quickly to your call, accurately assess the situation, and help you interpret your policy to maximize its benefits. With over 16,000 agents and over 76,000 employees across America State Farm is ready and able to handle almost any disaster.

For example, in the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake, it took less than 48 hours to mobilize over 600 claims from people across the country and Canada to help the local State Farm work force assist their clients and help them begin putting their lives back together. The company loaded up 2 DC-8 aircraft with office supplies and delivered their cargo to the area to help process all the claims. There were 4 mobile command centers set up to help manage the volume of inbound and outbound calls- the Corporate Center alone received more than 24,000 calls.

This level of service is the standard, not the exception, for State Farm employees. Its reputation is built on the company’s proven ability to deliver on its promises made to its clients. When you choose State Farm you are buying not just Homeowners Insurance, but true peace of mind. Of course, every policy and rate quote will differ from company to company.

Compare State Farm Home Insurance Quotes!

Even if you already have State Farm home insurance quotes it is important to remember that before you go with any single insurer, be sure to compare rates and benefits from several. Simply type your zip code into the rate quote tool box above, and you can begin that free process right now!

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