American Family Home Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews
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Read our American Family home insurance reviews to get an inside look at American Family. Choosing a company for your homeowners insurance is not a small task. Since your home is probably one of your most valuable assets, you want to make sure you have the insurance to cover it.

American Family Insurance has been serving families for over 80 years. Their main goal is to provide great service through a relationship with its members and well trained insurance agents.

Read this American Family homeowners insurance review, take a look at the customer reviews of American Family home insurance at the bottom of this page, and then enter your zip to the right side of this page to compare free home insurance quotes online.

American Family Home Insurance Agents

American Family prides itself on being a company that is trustworthy with a strong reputation. With local agents throughout the United States you can connect with someone who can help you find the policy that is right for you. One aspect of the insurance industry in which American Family is a leader is agent training.

American Family requires its agents to attend specialized training several times per year in order to keep their license. This training includes all the new and upcoming issues relevant to insurance needs.

If new laws are in place, agents are immediately trained and familiarized with these laws in order to offer their clients the best insurance information and coverage possible. If this training leads to any additional discounts or changes to polices, you will be contacted right away. There are over 4,000 independent agents licensed to sell American Family Insurance policies.

American Family Homeowners Insurance Policies

American Family home insurance policies are available in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. Claims can be filed at local offices, over the phone or online. Paying your bill can be taken care of the same ways or you can set up auto withdraw from your bank account or credit card.

American Family’s insurance policies for the home are diverse and well rounded. They ensure that you have the protection you need so that you do not have to face the devastating loss of your home through inadequate insurance. The cheapest coverage isn’t always the best coverage. For those who live in a home there are several options available through American Family.

American Family’s basic homeowners insurance policy covers your dwelling and loss of your home. In an effort to make your policy affordable, American Family has a wide range of discounts that can be applied to your homeowners insurance policy. Each discount that you qualify for will lower your premium. If something in your home changes along the way that will qualify you for an additional discount, you can let your agent know.

American Family Home Insurance Discounts

Discounts include a claims free discount, a customer longevity discount, a new home discount, a home security and fire protection discount, an age of customer discount, a home purchase discount, a multiple policy discount, and an umbrella policy discount. An agent will go over the requirements of each discount and let you now if your home qualifies.

American Family Mobile Home Insurance

Another policy available for those living in a home is the Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners Insurance policy. This covers a variety of damages that may happen to a home of this type including fire, lightening, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, aircraft damage, damage by vehicles, smoke, vandalism, theft, and breakage of glass. If you are concerned about additional issues, you can add more coverage to your policy.

American Family Condo Insurance

American Family also offers a Condominium Owners Insurance policy. This is for owners of condos who do not have their personal possessions or theft covered under their home association policy. It also covers personal liability if someone is hurt inside your condo and gives you some protection in a legal suit. This is a wise choice for condo owners who want more than just the structure protected.

American Family Renters Insurance

The last type of policy offered to those who live in a home is renter’s insurance. There are many reasons you may choose to rent instead of purchase a home. Maybe you are looking for the right home to purchase, maybe you are saving money, or maybe your job is not secure. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to have renter’s insurance.

By law, a landlord must carry homeowners insurance on a home or apartment building to protect his tenants. However, this type of coverage only protects damage to the structure itself and not what is inside the structure. It is your responsibility as a renter, to protect what you have inside your home from damage or loss. American Family’s renters insurance gives this protection.

American Family Home Insurance Quotes

American Family Insurance has a lot to offer its members and potential clients. However, you should not choose an insurance company until you have seen what several companies have to offer. You can do this through an online comparison tool like ours. The tool on this page will display rates and quotes from several reliable companies. Comparing these rates will help you decide if American Family Insurance is the best company for you. After you are done reviewing home insurance companies just enter your zip code in the box above and you can compare your American Family homeowners insurance quotes online with quotes from other top homeowners insurance companies. Get started now!

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