Farmers Home Insurance Reviews

Farmers Home Insurance Reviews
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This Farmers home insurance review will cover all of the basics of a Farmers homeowners insurance policy as well as detail about Farmers Insurance so you can decide if Farmers may be the best choice for your home insurance needs. Once you have finished reading the review of Farmers homeowners insurance then be sure to take a look at the customer reviews of Farmers left at the bottom of this page and then also enter your zip code into the box on the side of this page to compare free homeowners insurance quotes.

For an organization like the Farmers Insurance Company, homeowners insurance is one of the key products they sell for a very good reason. Homeowners, condo owners and renters all over the country are subject to natural disasters, theft and other costly forms of damage that most can not pay for on their own. Having protection in the form of homeowners insurance make companies life Farmers Insurance Company a source of both protection and peace of mind. In order to decide if this insurer is the best choice for you, review some of the facts and products they offer, compare their benefits and rates quotes with a few others, and take the steps you need to protect your home and family.

The Farmers Insurance Group actually offers a full line of insurance products which include homeowners, auto, life, motorcycle and a variety of financial and business products. Within the umbrella of homeowners insurance the products include homeowners, renters, condo, earthquake, flood, mobile and manufactured coverage as well as specialty home (like for vacation homes) and identity theft insurance. Take a minute to review the standard policy, and a couple of additional coverage options that might be important to you.

Standard Farmers Homeowners Insurance Policy

The standard Farmers homeowner policy offered by this insurer is meant to protect property that includes your home and your possessions, cover liability and medical payments and some of the additional living expenses that might be incurred when your home is not in livable condition. The standard coverage will likely include out buildings like garages and sheds. Contents replacement cost is included in the property coverage, and extended replacement cost can be added to the coverage of the actual home.

If you have a pet then liability is what will pay for any damage your pet might cause. Even if you don’t own an animal you will want liability to pay for anyone who is hurt on your property. The medical coverage pays for those expenses of anyone hurt on your property regardless of liability. Finally, the additional living expenses coverage can be used if you need to rent a place while your home is being repaired, or even applied to the loss of rental income.

Farmers Earthquake Insurance

Most standard Farmers homeowners policies do not cover earthquake insurance or any damage caused by natural earth movements. However, that does not mean you can’t get insurance coverage for it. If you live in a state with a high risk of earthquakes, like California, then you know the damage that even a smaller tremor can cause.

Farmers offers earthquake insurance coverage to California residents only through the California Earthquake Authority. This is because, after the 6.7 quake that rocked the San Fernando Valley in 1994, most insurers stopped writing insurance policies in CA because they just could not afford to cover the risk. Since then, the state established the CEA and insurers have a choice to offer their own coverage or provide this protection through them. Farmers chooses to offer the CEA coverage to its policy holders.

Farmers Flood Insurance

Since Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, floods have gotten a lot of attention. Even prior to this devastating event coastal dwellers were well aware of the damage that floods bring in the form of water damage, structural damage and weather related damage. However, even inlanders are subject to flood damage that may result from melting snow, poor drainage systems or storms. You need to be aware that flood insurance is not covered in your standard homeowners policy.

By purchasing separate flood insurance you can insure the structure of your home for up to $250,000 and the contents of your home for $100,000. These are offered separately so if you are a renter or a landlord you can purchase only the coverage you need. Owners of non-residential buildings can insure both their property and their contents for up to $500,000 each. You should expect a waiting period, probably of 30 days, before your policy goes into effect.

Clearly, where you live in the country is a key determinant of the type of coverage that is most important for your needs. Some other things to consider when getting a homeowners policy are the building materials and age of your home, the location of your home in proximity to fire stations and police stations, and the value of both your home and its contents. If you have invested in a house, it is crazy not to adequately insure it.

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