ALFA Home Insurance Reviews

ALFA Home Insurance Reviews
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Read through our ALFA home insurance reviews to see if ALFA is a good choice for you. When shopping for homeowners insurance, the choices are seemingly endless.

The Internet has made it possible for companies to compete for customers from all over the country, no matter how small or regional the carrier. Such is the case with ALFA, a homeowners insurance company, which is a division of the Alabama Farmers Federation. The ALFA homeowners insurance company offers its insurance products to the nation at very competitive prices while providing exceptional service.

Read through this ALFA homeowners insurance review, browse the ratings and customer reviews of ALFA Insurance at the bottom of the page (and think about leaving your own review of ALFA!), and then when you are finished reading through the home insurance reviews be sure to enter your zip code in on the side of this page to comparison shop free homeowners insurance quotes from top companies.

ALFA Insurance: History

ALFA stands for Alabama Farmer’s Federation. This organization began in 1921 and was created by farmers, led by farmers, to support the economic, social and educational interests of rural Alabamians. In 1946 ALFA Insurance Company was established to offer insurance to farmers when few companies were willing to insure farms. Today, it is the leading insurer of farms in Alabama. ALFA’s credo is strength by unity- it adds over 15,000 members a year and currently has over 460,000 members.

ALFA Insurance: Online Coverage

ALFA prides itself on offering quality coverage, reasonable prices, and exceptional service. However, its website distinguishes itself as exceptional due to the wealth of information you can find. There are three links under the Homeowner’s tab, beginning with the overview. Here, the customer is given a quick snapshot of why insurance is one of life’s necessities and why ALFA should be their carrier of choice.

The next link provides information on the different types of coverages available. There are two policy offerings for Homeowners insurance, a policy offering for condo owners, and one for rental properties. There are also insurance options for additional coverage that can be added to provide extra coverage for jewelry, firearms, silver, art, or any type of collectible. Endorsements are also available to give extra coverage in case a renter or guest is injured while on your property.

The third link describes the various discounts available so clients can custom design a policy to fit their budget. It can be as easy as adding a smoke alarm or fire extinguisher! ALFA also rewards its customers for being claim free for 3 separate periods- 3 years, 3-6 years, and over 6 years.

ALFA’s Homeowners division also offers reasonably priced policies for Manufactured homes. These dwellings are usually difficult and costly to insure, but ALFA offers its customers the opportunity to obtain coverage at an affordable price. As with typical Homeowners insurance policies with this company, you can purchase an endorsement to cover personal property or additional coverage in case a guest is injured on your property.

All these links are fantastic; they go in depth to educate the consumer on what it means to be insured by ALFA. But the company really distinguishes itself with its related information corner. The “8 things you need to know about purchasing Homeowners Insurance” article provides a comprehensive snapshot of everything you need to know about purchasing a policy. The article regarding factors that affect insurance rates explains how premiums are priced and all the components involved when calculating the cost of a policy. The last article educates the consumer on how to keep the home safe while away. The information is a nice blend of common sense (arrange a light to be hooked to a timer so it looks like someone is in the home at night) to introspective (shield your house from high winds in the event that these occur by trimming back trees and anchoring light outdoor furniture).

One article that really stands out is called “What to do after the Devastation”. It talks about more than just the tangible losses that you may have experienced; raising awareness that something as significant as a loss of property may trigger emotional responses that are difficult to deal with and need to be addressed. The article warns that depression, alcohol and drug abuse, fatigue and other physical manifestations are possible and that it is important to be on the lookout for them and to seek treatment if they occur.

There is one link that is on the ALFA homepage that is invaluable- it is the Storm Center, found under the “Safety Tips” link. Every insurance company has this link, and while all provide useful information this site is by far the most comprehensive of any company. ALFA gives information on what to do before and after the storm. It has resources for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, hail and high winds. You can also print an inventory checklist for your property so you can itemize your possessions- making the claims process easier should you need to report losses.

Compare ALFA Home Insurance Quotes

As with all insurance carriers, ALFA offers the ability to manage your account online with a Bill Pay service and a Find an Agent link. So you get convenience along with excellence! When shopping for a carrier it is always advisable to obtain quotes from various companies and evaluate them based on several criteria. By clicking on the link at the top of this article you can compare your ALFA homeowners insurance quotes with quotes from others for comparison- totally free and with no obligation. Get started now!

One Customer Review of ALFA Home Insurance

Review by Mary Tritt, January 18, 2010

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ALfa has great service, prices, and customer service.

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